Wednesday, September 17, 2008

40 Days for Life Conference Call

Monday night was quite the deal! We had the privilege of listening in on a conference call discussing the 40 Days for Life campaign. While this is a national, actually international, organization, the focus of the call was on our own Fargo, ND.

What's the big deal about Fargo, you ask? Well, it has the unhappy distinction of being the only city in North Dakota with an abortion clinic. This is important because if this clinic closes then North Dakota will be the first abortion-free state in the US! Other campaigns have seen three abortion centers close in ND so 40 Days for Life, and hopefully all of us, are focusing on this last clinic to serve as a history-making rally point for pro-life groups everywhere.

The conference call was recorded and may be heard by clicking the link below.

I'll admit, this recording isn't short, but it has great information from a variety of speakers who all feel that, with much prayer and fasting, we have a real shot at ridding ND of abortion. A list of speakers is below:

* FR. FRANK PAVONE, Priests for Life
* LOU ENGLE, TheCall
* BISHOP SAMUEL AQUILA, Diocese of Fargo
* COLLEEN SAMSON, North Dakota 40 Days for Life
* TOM FREIER, North Dakota Family Alliance
* JANNE MYRDA, Concerned Women for America
* DAVE MOTTA, Calvary United Methodist Church
* FR. CHARLES LACROIX, Shanley High School

Please take some time soon to listen to this recording to learn about the upcoming campaign in our own back yard. Also, please spend some time thinking about what you can do from a fasting and prayer stand-point. We'll be putting a deal on this blog for you to share your ideas on how to support this campaign. Consider this fair warning!

Have a great day, everyone.

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