Friday, September 12, 2008

American Idol Is American Role Model

Ok, pop culture and I don't get along so hot these days.  Maybe I'm too old or something.

But I was pretty into American Idol the year before last and watched as Jordan Sparks made it all the way to the bitter end.  That was pretty neat.  A 17-year old performing in front of millions of people and doing a very good job.

She's pulled another impressive feat recently.  Standing up for abstinence and chastity on MTV.

Boy I bet the producers at MTV are annoyed!

The host of the MTV Awards ceremony, Russell Brand, made some remarks about the Jonas brothers' promise rings.  This stuff would make the Obama-McCain mud-slingers blush!  If you really want to read it, check out the article on

When Sparks went up to receive an award, she let everyone know that:

"I just have one thing to say about promise rings. It's not bad to wear a promise ring, because not everybody - guy or girl - wants to be a slut."

Personally, I'm very impressed.  She wasn't harsh, she didn't fire back with an insult.  She stated her case and the host later apologized; albeit he finished the apology with "a little sex never hurt anybody."  But an apology, no matter how crass, in front of who knows how many impressionable kids is a win that I chalk up to the courage of one young woman willing to stand up for a higher level of morals.

We live in a society where grad students are willing to auction off their virginity ( for some extra cash.  We live in a society where a show watched by teenagers openly talks about how a little sex never hurt anybody, which, from personal experience I can tell you it can hurt very badly.

The refreshing reality is that there are quality entertainers who are going against this grain.  What if we had a few more Jordan Sparks and Jonas Brothers for our kids to look up to?  What if, as is happening, these people who champion dignity and self-worth equal, or out-pace, the CD sales and iTunes downloads of less savory singers?  Money talks; and if chastity sells music better than sex; my guess is we'd see a lot better programming on TV.

I'm not saying to go buy everything with these kids' names on it.  But I am saying that with a daughter of my own, I pray that the trend of pure entertainers will grow so that when my daughter gets into these things, she has a real American Role Model to look up to; not an idol.  There are good entertainers out there worthy of supporting;even if they can be hard to find.

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