Monday, September 15, 2008

Bible Myth #04: The Bible fell from the sky

Ok, I don’t think anyone actually believes this, but some people act that way. Some people would like nothing more than to never think about where the Bible came from. But we can’t do that and be honest about our faith; which is built on Truth.

The Bible was compiled from writings that are believed to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. This is a big deal because that effectively makes the Bible the very Word of God. Catholics believe this just like Protestants. So how did those writings get into the Bible? Who decided which of the 250+ writings that claimed apostolic roots were actually inspired by the Holy Spirit? Let’s take a look.

The canon, or list of books, of the New Testament, was determined at the councils of Rome (382), Hippo (393), and Carthage (397). Who was at these councils? The pope and the bishops in communion with him. Or to be more literal, the Magisterium.

The latest writing in the Bible was completed in the 90’s A.D. so the books weren’t picked until almost four hundred years after the last one was written. The bishops compared each work with the oral tradition of the Catholic Church to determine if it was inspired or not. If the work matched tradition, it was in. If it erred in any way, it was out.

So the Bible was assembled by the Catholic Church led by the Holy Spirit; not gravity from heaven. It took fifteen years to get it just right; it didn’t just “happen”. The establishment of the canon of the New Testament isn’t something to ever take for granted. The Bible is a Catholic book and the writings inside the Bible were picked because they matched Catholic tradition.

No offense, but no wonder most non-Catholics would rather not think about it.


Anonymous said...

Did not Jerome make 50 copies of the bible for Emperor Constantine before any council ?

dave ruiz said...

Dan you start out nice up until you begin to answer your own question: who decided on the 27. Again you show your deference to "church" and institution, rather than the miraculous or the Spirit and His ability to connect to the deepest part of a human being. You would be more accurate if you did say, "It fell from the sky". You immediately mention 3 councils,( and not the fourth to canonize scripture in the 1500's).There is no evidence that Rome 382 proclaimed cannon.It is a theory (proposed in 1700's ) based on a possible forged decretal. Yes the council of Hippo and Carthage gave cannon, for the first time. I believe these were done by bishops of and in Africa, and Rome was not present. However, "All the preponderance of scholarship substantiates the fact of New Testament was established prior to 397 A.D." L.Layfield www.scriptureessay. The fact is early Christians, like the Jews, read scripture at their assemblies also. First they had the old testsament, and as the writings of the apostles appeared, they were added to to the old testament. Churches not only wanted what was written to themselves, but also what was written to the other churches(Unger). Paul, Peter and John attest to some of this.... Tell me, if Paul wrote your church a letter and he said, " Thus saith the Lord.....",He would expect you to weigh it against all other known scripture first, then be obedient and believe it. No where does he say wait 10 generations later, nor even 15 years later, or take it to the pope or his magisterium. Your church is the magisterium, after all it was written to you. ......Eusubius made 50 bibles around 350 AD.....Origen listed all books around 185 AD.....To say the Roman catholic church put the book together is is a hijacking of what rightly belongs to God ,the Holy Spirit, the apostles and the church universal, spiritual, not institutional. No wonder people died speaking against the pope. He says some pretty wrong things ,like "the bible is Roman Catholic". Oh, it is "catholic" as in universal, as is Christianity, without denominational labels, of which Romanism is just one more to have been developed, even causing for many more to be born (prostetsantism). Shame on us all. Let every man be called a liar, but God is true.