Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Get Abortion out of ND: 40 Days for Life Kicking Off Soon

From September 24 – November 2 of this year 40 Days for Life will be holding activities in over 170 cities across the US.

What’s 40 Days for Life? It’s a group that is adding their voice to those against the scourge of abortion. The group does this in three ways: prayer and fasting for an end to abortion, peaceful vigils outside local abortion facilities - round-the-clock vigils in many cities - and grassroots educational outreach to an entire community.

The campaign is pushing a new initiative this year and that’s to get abortion out of those states that are already on the brink. North Dakota has one death mill, I mean clinic, in Fargo. Mississippi also has only one clinic and many other states have two or three. There will be a big push to get people signed up to pray and counsel outside of these clinics during those 40 days. Remember you don’t have to talk to anyone but Jesus if you want to pray. You don’t have to be confrontational, have all the answers or get in anyone’s face. Just sit, stand, or kneel in silent prayer to be a witness.

I would encourage everyone to check out the website for 40 Days for Life at for more information. If you live in the Fargo area, or will be there during this time, please prayerfully consider signing up to add your voice, even your silent prayer voice on a cold sidewalk, to this cause.

I don’t generally use terms like this since I feel they’re overused to the extent that they’ve become cliché, but we desperately need more prayer warriors in this fight!

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