Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Introducing: South Dakota's "Vote Yes For Life Campaign"

There is an initiative going on in South Dakota this fall that everyone living in South Dakota should know about, as well as every relative, friend, or acquaintance that we have who can vote there.

The initiative is called Vote Yes For Life and you can find out much, much more at their website; http://voteyesforlife.com.

A brief overview is that this group has gotten a proposition on the November ballot to prevent all abortions, except in the case of danger to the life of the pregnant mother, rape, or incest. You may read the entire Initiated Measure, provided by the Vote Yes For Life campaign website, by following this link: http://voteyesforlife.com/docs/Petition.pdf

I am personally opposed to abortion in cases of rape or incest. I don't feel that a baby should be punished for the crimes of his or her father. However, I support this initiated measure, even with those exceptions, because a similar measure was introduced in SD, and was defeated, because it had no exceptions. This measure effectively prevents abortion from being used as a backup contraceptive. It's a large step in the right direction.

Please check out the Vote Yes For Life website at http://voteyesforlife.com, read their information, read the initiated measure, and make a stand against this foundational injustice. The proponents of abortion know that this is a defining case and are doing all they can, spending millions in advertising dollars, to turn South Dakotans away from this measure.

We don't want your millions, just your voice and your vote.

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