Friday, October 17, 2008

Choice is good if the choice is yes

Does pro-choice mean choice is good if that choice is yes? It seems that as the 40 Days for Life Campaign goes on it’s becoming more and more clear that abortion providers (who make money from abortion) are slow to defend a woman’s right to choice, if the choice is no. I don’t generally report on this stuff, but this really makes me upset.

In June 2008, two female volunteers for the college organization Students for Life of America took hidden cameras into two Planned Parenthood centers in North Carolina. The two women posed as 14 and 15 year-olds. They told clinic workers that they had just had unprotected sexual intercourse… with their mother’s live-in boyfriend. And no, mom doesn’t know.

The law is pretty clear that statutory rape is intercourse between an adult and a minor. This is a criminal offense and under N.C. Gen. Statue 7B-301 and 7B-101, the employees at the abortion clinic were obligated to tell police. Both clinics told the girls this was statutory rape and that they had to report the incident.

So what happened? Did the clinics call this in, tell the mother, get the boyfriend arrested, and rescue these girls (who were actors) from this horrible situation? No, they instead gave the women the morning after pill (which will cause an abortion if the girls were to have conceived) so no one would find out and sent them home.

SFLA filed a records request to see if the crimes had been reported. They had not.

I guess when you’re in business; you do what you can to promote your business. If your business is killing babies, and that baby is inside a 14-year-old and was put there by her mother’s boyfriend then that’s fine. He can keep doing what he wants, as long as he pays her medical bills. I guess they’re concerned about his choice and less about hers

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