Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fireproof: Best movie I've seen in a long time

Last night, my wife and I went to the new movie Fireproof. We both left with a sense of amazement; we wondered where movies with such a good message come from and why we don’t hear more about them!

I had a hard time getting into the movie, I’ll admit. Mainly because the audio didn’t quite match up with the film so lips and voices didn’t quite synch perfectly; though that seemed to work itself out as time went on. It was really distracting, but I got over it, and if that's my only complaint then it wasn't so bad!

The movie deals with marriage in a very profound way. I learned a lot about my own relationship with my wife and we’ve had several conversations, some with pretty far-reaching implications, about our own marriage based on what we saw in Fireproof. I was no marriage expert in the first place, I’ll admit, but the only word I can think of to describe how this movie changes how I view my spouse and my relationship with her is “Profound”.

As a side note, don’t worry, guys, this isn’t a chick flick. In fact, I would say that this movie is more aimed toward men and how they think more so than women; but then I’m a man so maybe I just noticed the parts that really struck a chord with me. It deals with some very tough issues in a constructive way and doesn't leave many stones unturned as it goes through what destroys, and what redeems, marriage.

In any event, you can guess that this movie has my approval and I’d encourage anyone who has a relationship with another human being and is interested in improving said relationship to check this flick out. For more info, check out the movie’s website at:

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The Wife said...

As the writers wife I must say that I cried from the beginning of the movie til the end! It was wonderful and such a "real" movie.