Friday, October 10, 2008

ND Catholic Conference Voting Information

Today I want to put a plug in for a website launched by the North Dakotan bishops (all two of them) and the North Dakota Catholic Conference. The site,, give a lot of useful information for all Catholics as we approach this election.

I'm not equipped to tell anyone how to vote with this blog. I know already what I'm doing, yet for me to push you one way or another isn't what I'm here for. That said, our bishops have made statements regarding faithful citizenship; how Catholics in America should behave. Our bishops are in a position to speak to us, their flock, on what role we play in the political process. The site,, discusses things like each candidate's positions on life issues (abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research), separation of church and state (whether Catholics should vote along their faith or leave faith out of it), and other information to make you an informed Catholic voter.

Certainly, each of us should learn all we can about the people we're asked to choose between as we go to the polls. We should also be careful about what sources we use for our research. As we're bombarded by attack ads, media pundits with their not-so-hidden agendas, and the like, it's a good time to "consider the source" and at least go see what our bishops have to say on the matter.

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