Friday, November 14, 2008

You won’t catch this on the evening news

Did you hear about what happened last Sunday? No? That’s odd, let me recap it for you.

Last Sunday a group of thirty or so activists disrupted and vandalized Mount Hope Church in Lansing, MI; while the service was going on.

Several activists participated in the worship service until a signal was given, at which point they pulled a fire alarm, rushed the podium, unfurled a rainbow banner, and chanted “it’s ok to be gay. Bash back” They then littered the church with glitter, condoms, and pink fabric while confronting members of the congregation on their beliefs about marriage. A member of the activists took a video of the incident and tried to catch violent reactions from congregation members. There weren’t any.

Generally, I don’t post much about this sort of thing. There have been many protests staged after the passage of Prop 8, which outlaws homosexual marriage in California. There have been lots of protests done at abortion clinics. Protests are a part of our society and their one of our rights as free citizens. I’m not bringing this up to denounce a protest against traditi8onal marriage.

However, the above story struck me in two ways. First, it went well beyond peaceful protest to vandalism and harassment. Second, I don’t understand why this didn’t make any news or cause any arrests. Abortion protesters are arrested routinely for harassing abortion clinic employees and customers; why not here? The media isn’t shy about covering stories of bigotry, hate, and violence against homosexuals, why didn’t this make the evening news like it would’ve had the roles been reversed?

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