Monday, January 26, 2009

Is abortion better than a tough life?

I've heard it said that, yes, it's true abortion is too bad and all that, but there are so many babies born into tough situations and isn't it better for them to just be aborted than to have to live such a hard life here on earth?

While the Catholic response is always that all life has dignity and all people deserve a chance to live and aspire to holiness, many people see this as simply an ideal; instead of a goal that can be achieved.  I think the video below does a good job of showing one instance where many people are grateful that an abortion wasn't performed; though by the above standards, she was justified.

All life has value.  Who are we to tell a baby he has no future?  Who are we to decide that she won't amount to anything?  Who are we to rob a baby of their future?

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