Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are You Smarter Than a 7th Grader?

Lia is a 12-year-old 7th grader in Toronto Canada.  She competed in a speech contest this week and her speech has made a few people pretty upset.

Lia decided to speak about abortion and the rights of a fetus.  Several teachers asked her not to, her mother tried to find her something else to talk about, and the school told her that if she persisted in using this topic she would be disqualified.

I guess that didn’t bother her too much.  She went ahead with the speech.  She was disqualified but the judges reversed their position under pressure from the student body and Lia has wound up winning the contest.  She will be sharing it again today in a regional competition.

I say kudos to you, Lia!  I’ve put a “rehearsal” of her speech below.  This video is on YouTube and has over 165,000 views so far.


Megan Engel said...

But, would you rather this child get abused and neglected all its life? That's what happen when you decide that you need to make laws that run people's lives. If the mother doesn't want the child enough that she'd abort it, she'd probably have a little enough heart to leave it in an alley. Plus the mother may not even be able to support the child.
Why not choose adoption? Let's be honest here, does anyone really want to go through the pain of childbirth just to give something away? And if they don't even want the child whose to say that they'll go through it at all? If we don't give these mothers the option to abort, they'll find away around it. Population will dramatically change because they'll kill themselves or go to back alley abortion clinics where nothing is sanitary or safe. People will end up dying over this.
Another issue with adoption is that not enough people are willing to adopt. They'd rather have their own children. This babies will be given up to shelters and will live their lives wondering who their mother is, where she is, and why she didn't want them.
Killing a baby before its born gives it no chance to experience the world. With nothing to remember besides the inside of a uterus, would you care if you died? I'd much rather live a good short life than a long painful one.
Whose to say that we aren't doing this fetus a favour? Life is hard for everyone, America is heading towards another depression, why even put it through all those stuggles? It would be much better if we didn't even start that drama. You believe in Heaven, wouldn't you rather live there than an adoption center?
Who are you to make people's decisions for them? You're trying to play God and live people's livesfor them. Isn't one good enough for you people? You can't control everyone, so why try? The world needs diversity, stop trying to make everyone have the same exact course. Let nature decide, if it happens then it's meant to be.

Catholic Connection Team said...

Hi, Megan,

Thanks for your comments.

Is it better to live a difficult life or a short one? Who knows? Our president was born into a poor family and a single mother. Good thing she didn’t abort him; don’t you agree? The real quesiton is: Is it a mother’s right to make that decision?

Who is trying to play God here, Megan? I’m asking for a baby’s right to live, you’re asking for a mother’s right to choose if her baby lives or dies. Again, who’s playing God?

Why go through the pain of childbirth just to give “something” away? Because that “something” is a human being and human beings are worth it.

Yes, our adoption system needs to be changed and more funding needs to go to crisis pregnancy centers to help women who can’t handle another child, but I stand firm that killing an innocent child is not the answer.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. I hope you don’t mind me speaking on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves.

Catholic Connection Team

TB said...

Good Day Megan...I just read your comment and it is sadly true that there are actually women out there who would not love the child they have been given. However, I think you need to do a little more research upon your adoption statistics. You stated there are not enough people who want to adopt children out there...I think you are talking about other countries...but here in the United States of America there are waiting lists and waiting lists of people looking to adopt children. In a small city in ND alone there are hundreds of women, who can't have children on a list to adopt. Now these women would surely adopt babies from another country, but other countries make that next to impossible for them. I would encourage you to get facts straight before making blanket comments as you have.

I am a mother of one beautiful child and another on the way...If a child needed a home I'd open my house to another child, even if it were not my own flesh and blood. I know many that would do the same!

I'm not writing this to change your mind, but I am writing to encourage you to speak factually, when you write your opinions!