Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bible Myth #68: The Bible alone is all anyone needs

If that were true, why does the Bible say in 1 Tim 3:15 that the Church (not the Bible) is the pillar and foundation of truth?

If that were true, why didn’t the books in the New Testament get picked until 400 AD (by Catholic bishops, no less)?

If that were true, why are there so many conflicting Protestant beliefs when there’s only one Bible and one Spirit supposedly interpreting it (and why do they not agree with the original Christian Church on so many points)?

If that were true, why did Jesus come when only one person in ten could read? Seems odd to give us a book for ten percent of the population.

If that were true, why didn’t Jesus himself write anything?

The Bible is critical to our salvation. It’s absolutely necessary and it’s irreplaceable. But it’s not everything we need. We also need the living authority of the Church to interpret and fully benefit from the Bible (called Tradition). Without this authority (on earth) then everyone becomes their own, well, pope.

Martin Luther wrote after the Reformation (and after the Lutherans split into Calvinists and so on and so forth) that “There are as many theologies as there are heads.” What a curious thing for Martin Luther to say. It seems he didn’t want everyone to follow their own interpretation of the Bible; he wanted them to follow his interpretation!

The Bible alone is like the Constitution alone. If each of us could interpret the US Constitution on our own, we would have anarchy. What do we have? An authoritative body (Supreme Court) to interpret the document. The Supreme Court interprets the Constitution to prevent everyone from abusing it and interpreting it for their own gain.

The Church is the same way. The Church, according to the Bible, is the “Pillar and Foundation of truth”. Which Church? The original Church that determined the tradition that determined the books in the Bible. Which Church is that?

The Catholic Church.

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dave ruiz said...

For sure ,no one will have an excuse before God at judgement day. Everything necessary for your salvation, and abundant christian living is available to any one who truly has been made to seek.(No man seeks after God but God does draw men to His son). He has given us His word, His Son, and the Holy Spirit to convict of judgement, sin and righteousness. He has given us preachers and teachers and prophets and pastors and testimonies and miracles and praying saints, and all believers as compromising His church. Is it Catholic or protestant, or Mormon or Jehovah's Witness ? "For God chose that by the foolishness of preaching that men should be saved". But whose preaching ? God has allowed it all, so that only those truly seeking shall be assisted by the Holy Spirit. So, indeed Jesus saves you, not any act or church or preacher. If any act or church elevates itself as a necessary component, it is error. The Holy Spirit is your "Supreme Court". All others are shaky ground. And The "Supreme Court" goes strictly by the "Book". Churches ,dogmas,traditions,teachers must pass through the Supreme Court. And you must have your own personal seating before this court. And know this, He will give you witness to what is true and you will not be alone, for round the world, since time began, peoples from every tongue and nation have have been given the same witness. And this is the witness, that God so loved you and me, that he gave His only Son for our salvation, while we yet sinners. So I agree ,the bible will show you you need a Saviour, Jesus first and foremost. Bible reading by itself is not enough, nor is belonging to a church ,or going to mass. Jesus FIRST calls you to Himself, then you become part of His church .You do NOT first seek a church, to then seek Christ.