Monday, February 16, 2009

Contraception Myth #39: Only Catholics condemn contraception

I was once asked by a Protestant friend of mine why Catholics reject contraception. He said “it’s the least defensible position of the Catholic Church.” I’ve come to find that it’s one of our most defensible; but when I looked into it, I found out that the Catholic Church wasn’t always alone in condemning contraception.

That may be true today, but it wasn’t until the 1960’s that the last Protestant denominations bowed to public pressure to allow contraception. Before 1930 no Protestant denomination allowed contraception. None, not even one. All Christians were united against it and condemned it as a moral evil. This was taught and practiced by Christians all the way back to the beginning of Christianity. And, if you’re interested, Christianity’s Jewish ancestors condemned it too!

Granted contraception wasn’t always as sophisticated as it is now; but that doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. Read Genesis 38:9-10 to read about Onan’s experiment with contraception and what God did to him. Contraception has been around as long as people wanted to separate sex from creating babies.

In 1930, the Anglican Church allowed for contraception in the rare case that a women’s health would be at risk if she were to get pregnant. Newspapers were filled with irate Christians, Catholic and Protestant, who denounced this evil. But Pandora’s Box was opened and one after another each and every Protestant denomination fell to a social convention. In thirty years, Protestantism turned its back on a tradition as older than Christianity itself.

The next time a non-Catholic Christian asks you why Catholics don’t allow contraception, ask why their faith does. Ask why their faith walked away from tradition in the name of convenience. Protestants accept contraception today for social reasons. Catholics reject it today, as all Christians did before, for moral reasons.

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Kevin_Chicago said...

Any honest person who knows of the dangers of most artificial birth control methods would admit of their dangers. Read this latest article by the Couple to Couple League of Chicago, Plan B Pill Dangers Highlight Safety of NFP.

jess said...

Nice to be quoted once in a while!

I have tried to find the bible reference you gave, but so far am unable to. Genesis 41 is about Joseph. I have tried to find Onon in several bible versions but could not find him. Could you clarify?

BTW, I enjoy the site and hope to continue giving you more material to write about soon!

Dan said...


Great to hear from you! I've thought a lot about the conversation we had a Chef Lee's.

You're correct, the verse I reference is the wrong one. It should be Genesis 38:9-10. I'll update the post.

Thanks for keeping me honest.

Dan said...

Let that be a lesson to anyone who reads on the Internet; look stuff up yourself instead of taking someone's word on it.

Authors should take that advice, too...