Monday, February 9, 2009

Why do Catholics think Peter was the first pope?

Some folks think that Peter was picked by the Catholic Church long after his death to be the one who was the “first” pope. They figure this whole pope thing is all made up anyway and this is just more proof. After all, Paul was a great speaker and traveler, why wasn’t he the first pope? James was well loved and was the bishop of Jerusalem, who better to be the head of the early church than James? Why was Peter supposedly the first pope?

Because Jesus said so. In Mathew 16:18 Jesus said he’d build his Church upon Peter. That’s not a statement to be taken lightly. Jesus also said he’d give him the keys and whatever he binds will be bound in heaven. The keys are a throwback to Isaiah 22:19-23 where King David is given a royal steward who has keys and who also can open and no one will shut.

The royal steward is the one who rules while the king is away. When David went to war, or on diplomatic missions then the royal steward made all the decisions for the kingdom.

At the Ascension, Jesus left earth in his physical form. By doing so, he passed authority to make decisions to his royal steward, Peter.

You can see. Peter was the first pope because Jesus told him to be.


Anonymous said...

Again,,it is only the popes interpatation of Matt 16 that says he is pope.That interpetation was not used until the 4th century .Peter was first among equals,but all twelve apostles did what he did and had "keys "like he did ,and indeed form the twelve pillars of the church as said in Revelations.Remember, just after Matt 16, the apostles bickered twice as to who was the greatest.Paul also chided Peter for being phony with the gentiles. Would he have done this if he truly thought Peter was the vicar of Christ supreme ? Indeed the earliest list or bishops of Rome(popes) list Peter and Paul together in Rome, and does not state as one above the other. In fact Rome had many bishops at the same time ,and to say one at any time was head over the others was unheard of the first 150 years. Bottom line ,it is the popes interpetation that is quoted by catholics of Matt 16 that is used to justify His power, but has been contested by other bishops from the beginning(having different interpetations of Matt16)

dave ruiz said...

It is only some denominations that would say "because Jesus made him first Pope". Half of Christendom would say otherwise. Justin Martyr ,early church father said Jesus is the Rock and Key. None of the epistles back Romes interpetation of Jesus's words..This interpetation was formulated in the third century onward and resembled worldly power struggles between Rome and Costantinople... Did not Jesus have trouble with the apostles and there striving for power and position.He NEVER rebuked an apostle for this by saying, "Don't you know Peter will be head honcho". Jesus intimated that this would not be like any earthly organization, but a spiritual kingdom with Himself as the foundation and the Holy Spirit as His vicar and we His hands.