Monday, March 16, 2009

Why do Catholics regard the bishop of Rome as the pope?

Peter was the first pope. This was established by Jesus in Mathew 16:18 when he promised to build his Church upon Peter’s foundation and when he gave Peter the keys. The keys signify, as we can see in Isaiah 22:19-23, the office of vicar, or royal steward, who has the king’s authority while the king is away.

Peter did many things, but he eventually became the bishop of Rome. Because the Bible is clear that Peter was specifically given the keys, it has become tradition that those keys are passed to the succeeding bishop of Rome. It’s that simple.

If you look at Church history, primacy among the bishops was always given to the bishop of Rome; both in the East and the West. As with so many things, we haven’t changed what the first Christians did. If it worked for them; it works for us.


dave ruiz said...

Dan anyone interested in with adifferent view of history of the"pope" can find someresearch on "This Catholic Journey:did Jesus have brothers", blogs dated 10-01 and thereabouts..To wet your appetite,biblical evidence is weak and can easily be refuted. Secondly there is no evidence of a supreme bishop in 100 A.D. and only 2 statements of a hint in 200 A.D.. Pope Gregoty (550-?) was reluctantly made bishop ef Rome and did not regard himself as supreme universal bishop. When the bishop of Constantinople asserted that claim, Gregory called it the spirit of anti-christ. "Peter the rock" argument did not surface until the 4th or 5th century by a bishop of Rome to claim supremacy,there is more ,but check out the other blog site if you have time.I'm done here ,thanks

Dan said...

Dave, please refrain from using my blog as free advertising. If people want alternative viewpoints, it's very easy to find them on the Internet.