Monday, May 25, 2009

Natural Proof for God’s Existence: Reduction

Is God real or is he simply a made-up crutch for people who can’t deal with reality? I suggest that there is plenty of evidence from nature and science to show the existence of God. Let’s Start with St. Thomas Aquinas’ five Ways (or proofs) for the existence of God.

The third Way is that all beings are contingent; they rely on someone or something else to exist. Humans rely on food, water, air, etc. Science has not found anything that is not contingent; everything was created.

However, for each contingent being, there is a time that the being does not exist (before your conception and after your death, for example). This means that all things exist at one time and do not exist at another.

Across eternity, it’s logical to assume that there was a time when no contingent beings existed. If that ever happened; then the universe would not exist. If no contingent beings exist, then no contingent beings can be created. There must be one being who is not contingent; one who exists with no condition. One who simply is.

That one is God.

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