Friday, June 12, 2009

Natural Proofs for God’s Existence: Design

Is God real or is he simply a made-up crutch for people who can’t deal with reality? I suggest that there is plenty of evidence from nature and science to show the existence of God. Let’s Start with St. Thomas Aquinas’ five Ways (or proofs) for the existence of God.

The fifth Way is that all beings seem to fulfill a purpose but have no knowledge of that purpose. Why does the earth sustain itself? Why do plants consume carbon dioxide and exhaust oxygen while creatures consume oxygen and exhaust carbon dioxide?

Some argue natural selection & evolution to explain this. Perhaps they’re right, but evolution is a proof of design; created things were designed to evolve. If creation wasn’t designed to evolve, it would never have evolved.

No, the designer, the one who put the plan in motion and designed creation to achieve that plan was God.

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