Monday, June 15, 2009

Where is the word “Pope” in the Bible?

Well… it isn’t! The same is aid of purgatory and some other Catholic terms. Some non-Catholic Christians see the absence of these words as proof that they are unbiblical.

If we apply this logic to the rest of our Christian vocabulary, we’ll have to denounce the incarnation and the Trinity as unbiblical as well. If we throw out those two words... well…we no longer have Christianity, do we?

There is ample evidence for the papacy, purgatory, the incarnation, and the Trinity in the Bible, even if the words don’t appear there. The words have been picked after the writing of the Bible, but the truth those words reveal is still there. So don’t worry about whether or not a word exists in the Bible; look for the truth that word reveals.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, except that basically look for what the church tells you the Word says is in more in line with my baltimore catechism. That is quite a protetsant statement ,for you to read and see the truth that is found in the Word ,the Bible. And you are to come away with your own personal interpetation ? Can God allow this ? Can He reveal His Word to you personally, apart from the church ? Can you be like Peter, where Jesus said the Father in heaven personally revealed to Peter, and not any church man, that He was the Christ, Son of the living God ?