Friday, July 31, 2009

Other Sources for Authentic Catholic Teaching

There’s one Catholic faith, but many ways to explain and understand it. We would like to put a word in for some of the best Catholic writers/speakers around. The TaDa Catholic Connection is in debt to all of these people and groups and we encourage everyone to check them out for excellent, authentic perspectives on Catholic faith and teaching.

Lighthouse Catholic Media is an organization that provides very inexpensive audio CDs and mp3 downloads of talks by a variety of Catholic speakers on a host of different topics. Why Catholics do what they do, conversion stories, and lots, lots more. They offer a CD of the Month club that, if you couldn’t guess, sends a CD every month. If you’re interested in Lighthouse Catholic Media’s products, please use the link at the top of this page to support the TaDa Catholic Connection.

Steve Ray is a Catholic convert from mainline Protestantism. He has produced several excellent books and videos. My first-ever CD from was Steve’s conversion story; and that was certainly a catalyst for the TaDa Catholic Conneciton. Check out Steve Ray at

Scott Hahn is one of the most recognized Catholic writers and speakers in America today. He was a Presbyterian pastor and became Catholic in 1986. He’s written many books and has several talks on Scott Hahn’s information can be found at

Patrick Madrid is the editor of Envoy, a Catholic magazine. He’s one of the few cradle-Catholic apologists out there! He has many books and audio mp3’s and focus on practical apologetics; offering several reference-style books with titles like: “Where’s THAT in the Bible?”. Patrick Madrid is at

John Salza is a Catholic author who has a very, very handy website. He not only lists Bible verses but also quote from early Christians to show that both the Bible and the Church Fathers were (and are) unequivocally Catholic. Check out his site at

Catholic Answers is an organization that provides books, radio programming, and some pretty helpful forums to answer the burning questions of Catholics and non-Catholics alike. As their name implies, the main goal is to answer questions for why Catholics do what they do. Check them out at

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