Monday, August 24, 2009

Church and State… Partners in Life and Death?

Last week, President Obama held a conference call with several Jewish Rabbis and had a few interesting things to say. Things like “We are God's partners in matters of life and death”. What???

The man who only a year ago said that when life begins is “above my pay grade” now claims to be God’s partner? Why can’t I hear the Twilight Zone music? I should be able to hear the music!

He ended the call by asking the Rabbis to address the healthcare reform issue in their sermons. What???

During the presidential campaign last year, priest’s sermons had to stay neutral on particular candidates; they could remind congregants that abortion is immoral, but couldn’t tell them to vote against a candidate who supported abortion and couldn’t tell them any candidate’s names. To do so would cross the lines of Church & State and threaten the Church’s tax exempt status.

Why can our president now ask that religious leaders advocate for his policy? Where’s the ACLU screaming about this? Where are the liberal bloggers tearing our president apart for pandering to the religious?

If this isn’t the blurring of separation of Church & State, what is?

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