Monday, September 28, 2009

Is Relativism tolerant?

Before reading this article, check out What is Relativism.

Many people view moral relativism as being very tolerant. After all, it allows two people to hold completely contradictory beliefs and both still be right. For example, homosexuality may be right for you but wrong for me. This feels very tolerant and is nearly guaranteed to give you the warm, fuzzy feelings of validation no matter what you believe.

The only people intolerable to moral relativists are intolerant people.

Think about the above sentence. Then give these statements a thought. Are they tolerant?

“You have no right to push your opinion on me.”

Isn’t the speaker pushing their opinion on the person they’re speaking to? Is that tolerant?

“Women have a right to choose.”

Is that tolerant of those of us who think women do not have a right to chose to terminate their unborn children?

“Why are you so judgmental?”

Isn’t the speaker judging the person they are speaking to? Isn’t that judgmental?

“I can’t stand intolerant people!”

Isn’t that a bit intolerant?

Take a few minutes and think about the implications of moral relativism’s tolerance and look at how those who don’t subscribe to moral relativism are treated. Are Christians who oppose homosexual “marriage” or abortion tolerated or are they belittled, intimidated, and reviled by these so-called champions of tolerance?

If a moral relativist wants to be honest, they should tolerate my perceived intolerance, shouldn’t they?

After all, what right does anyone have to force me to accept their belief in moral relativism?

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