Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pro-Life is not Anti-Abortion

It’s very easy to see what a person’s political views are by the words they say. For example, if I say a Republican is a “politician” while I call Democrats “statesmen” it’s pretty obvious I favor the Democrat. The same is true in the abortion realm.

Some folks use the words “anti-abortion” and others say “pro-life” to refer to the same people (of which I am one). “Anti-abortion” is clearly negative and focuses on the person’s opposition while “pro-life” is more positive and focuses on whom the person supports. Because of this, it’s safe to say that if a person says “anti-abortionist” they probably support abortion while if a person says “pro-lifer” they probably oppose abortion.

I believe “anti-abortion” is a merely political term that reveals how little “pro-choice” (or is that “anti-life”?) people understand about the pro-life movement. We do not oppose abortion per se; we do not oppose the medical procedure in and of itself. We oppose the killing of humans; particularly babies and the old because these groups of people can’t defend themselves well.

Because we are for life (pro-life) we must oppose abortion because it ends life. We also oppose euthanasia and embryonic stem-cell research because these end the lives of vulnerable humans.

We also, by necessity, condemn killing adult humans; can the pro-choice crowd say the same? This is evidenced in the quick and stern response by pro-life leaders when George Tiller, an abortionist, was murdered. Contrast that to the deafening silence we hear from abortion supporters when James Pouillon, a pro-life activist, was murdered last Friday while silently holding a sign across from a high school. So far, two abortion groups have expressed their disapproval of his murder; the local chapter of Planned Parenthood and

In addition, every mainstream news article about the murder has framed Pouillon as “anti-abortion” and he has been a footnote while the story was about the suspected killer. When Tiller was murdered he was hailed as a hero for choice and for women’s health. The media said how brave he was to kill babies, I mean, to provide health services to women who’s babies were partially born.

No one is singing James Pouillon’s praises. No one has reported how often pro-life witnesses are verbally and physically abused as they silently hold signs. Why would they? After all, these people are just anti-abortion… right?

May God grant James Pouillon mercy, peace, and life everlasting.

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