Thursday, October 8, 2009

Betrayal of the Religious Institute

The Religious Institute, an organization that represents many different denominations of Christian churches has sent an open letter to all politicians discussing the issue of abortion; specifically abortion and healthcare and abortion and tax-payer subsidies.

If you're thinking "when will those Christians give up and say abortion is morally justifiable?" today is your day.  The opening statement goes like this:

"We are committed to social justice, mindful of the 46 million women worldwide who have an abortion each year, almost half in dangerous and illegal situations. We seek to create a world where abortion is safe, legal, accessible, and rare."

Safe, legal, and rare?  Isn't that plagiarism from the Planned Parenthood playbook?  I thought these were Christian churches?  I thought Christians oppose killing unborn babies.  The letter continues:

"We affirm women as moral agents who have the capacity, right and responsibility to make the decision as to whether or not abortion is justified in their specific circumstances."

"However, we uphold the teaching of many religious traditions: the health and life of the woman must take precedence over the life of the fetus."

What?  The life of the woman takes precedence?  Please show me the chapter and verse in Scripture that shows we are able to judge whose life is more important.  I'd be very interested in reading that.  I don't remember Jesus saying "Mothers, you're life is more important than your child's."  I'm not sure what Gospel that comes from.

"It is precisely because life and parenthood are so precious that no woman should be coerced to carry a pregnancy to term. We support responsible procreation, the widespread availability of contraception, prenatal care and intentional parenting."

Let me get this straight.  Life is so "precious" that we don't want a woman inconvenienced by a baby if she doesn't want it so the baby should be dismembered and sucked out of her by a vacuum?  We should brutally destroy a living human being because life is sacred? 

"Scripture neither condemns nor prohibits abortion….Scriptural commitment to the most marginalized means that pregnancy, childbearing, and abortion should be safe for all women."

Doesn't Scripture imply that pregnancy and childbearing should be safe for children, too?  Oh, wait, "the woman takes precedence", I forgot.

The letter goes on to talk about how abortion is a religious issue and no government should make laws based on any religious views.  It presses all government officials to use their power to legalize and provide access for everyone in the world to abortion.  It concludes:

"Many religious denominations have passed policies in support of legalized abortion.

They include:

-American Baptist Church
-Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
-Episcopal Church
-Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
-Jewish Reconstructionist Federation
-Presbyterian Church (USA)
-Union for Reform Judaism
-Unitarian Universalist Association
-United Church of Christ
-The United Methodist Church
-United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism"

The letter even invokes Catholic support:

"More than half (53%) of US Catholics identify themselves as pro-choice, and more than six in ten (61%) believe abortion should be legal."

I don't understand how "Christians' can say this sort of thing in honesty.  Where do they see these themes in scripture, the moral law, or even common sense?  "That's ok," Jesus says, "you didn't intend to get pregnant and your life takes precedence over the life of your baby so go ahead and have it killed."

As Protestants are so fond of saying; please show me that in the Bible.

I realize that many non-Catholic Christians oppose abortion; and to you I say speak up!  Tell your pastor!  If your denomination is in the list above, do something about it!

To Protestants who belong to denomnations firmly opposedto abortion, I encourage youto let your leadership know you support that position.  Do what you can to prevent your denomination from sliding down the slope toward acceptance.

Remember that when the Anglican Church allowed contraception in 1930, Protestants and Catholics stook shoulder to shoulder denouncing it.  Then one by one each Protestand denomination "chnged their minds".  Today Catholics stand alone.

lease don't let that happen with abortion.

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