Friday, October 23, 2009

Bidding War for Anglican Souls?

Isn't it amazing how a conspiracy can be found in anything the Vatican does?  Aren't all of the Vatican's actions so mysterious and directed toward dominating the world (or was that eliminating the Illuminati or something like that)?

Recently, the Vatican has made it possible for Anglicans to enter communion with the Catholic Church and her critics were quick to point out this newest "conspiracy".

Headlines like "Vatican Bidding for Anglicans" or "Pope Lures Anglicans into Catholic Church" abound.  The Vatican has been called "divisive" for attempting to steal away Anglicans who are disappointed with their leadership's actions.

So… the Vatican is divisive for giving people a way to enter the Church?  What Church doesn't allow for people to enter it?  Should the Vatican disallow new members?  Where is the logic in that?

If anyone had bothered to read the Vatican's announcement, they would've seen that the Vatican has received hundreds of requests from dissatisfied Anglicans requesting a way to enter the Catholic Church without losing their Anglican identity.  The Vatican's invitation isn't an attempt to "lure" them; it's actually a very humble and generous response to the request of the very people they are allegedly "bidding" for.

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