Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NBC's Law & Order Takes Up Abortion Case

Very interesting that Law & Order takes takes a recent situation and actually portrays it in a balanced light.  The show last Friday featured a murdered abortionist strikingly modeled after George Tiller, a late-term abortionist who was murdered back in July (I believe).

The murderer killed the abortion doctor in the Law & Order episode to protect an unborn baby who was scheduled to be aborted.  Many of the characters in the show express opinions on both sides of the abortion issue and the "pro-life" side is surprisingly not painted as religious fanatics but as well-reasoned and compassionate.

Unsurprisingly, this annoys most pro-abortion folk.  I have and continue to pray for the soul of George Tiller; but so many people get upset when he is portrayed as anything but a hero.

To read more about the episode, check out LifeSiteNews.com's article.  The episode, called "Dignity" can be viewed via iTunes.

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