Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why American Bishops Are Concerned About Our President

Back in July, Cardinal Georges Cottier, who worked closely with John Paul II and has worked closely with the Vatican ever since, wrote an article downplaying American bishops' pastoral concerns regarding President Obama.  Cardinal Cottier specifically focused on the uproar regarding Obama's invitation to and honoring at Nore Dame's commencement ceremony.

Archbishop Charles Caput of Denver, CO, has written a response of "Humble Realism" for Cardinal Cottier and other Vatican officials who seem content taking Obama's lofty promises as truth; but haven't investigated what actions have followed the words.

I strongly encourage everyone to read Archbishop Chaput's article titled "Politics, Morality, and a President: an American View" both for the sound reasoning of why our American shepherd are concerned about our president's actions (though his words are indeed very nice) and for a study of how to appropriately address members of the Church in positions of more authority than yourself.

As we've said before on this blog; lashing out in anger at those we disagree with is a sure way to push them away and solidify their viewpoints we don't share.  Archbishop Chaput is a model of charity in truth that we can all learn from.

More background, and the archbishop's article, can be found at the Catholic News Agency's website.

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