Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why is abortion such a big deal? (Part 3)

(This post is part 3 of 3)

Isn't your anti-abortion rhetoric just making women who get abortions feel guiltier?  Are you just making them out to be monsters that kill their children?  Aren't you calling them murderers?

This is why so many pro-life people don't support laws making unborn children "persons" under the law.  What if a mother falls and miscarries; was that manslaughter?  What are the legal reunifications of making a baby a "person"?  The answers are two-fold.

First, most people who get abortions don't realize the child is a child.  They are told that it is a lump of tissue.  The moral responsibility in that case is questionable.  The idea of prosecuting a mother for her unborn child's death is revolting.  Because of that, I believe any legislation declaring unborn children "persons" should also include protections from prosecution for mothers.

The pro-life movement doesn't see women who abort their children as "monsters" or "murderers".  We see them as women who feel they have no choice and we want to be there for them.  We want to help them grieve their loss and help them come to a place where they can forgive themselves.  Rachel's Vineyard retreats are places for women (and men) who went through abortions can go learn how to heal.  They aren't abused, they aren't chastised, they are loved.  We want to help women who are considering abortion, not demonize them.  This is why we focus on other options instead of just making it illegal (as stated before).

Regardless, justice demands that all people be treated equally.  All people regardless of age, race, color, religion, etc.  Notice age is on the list.  Saying that "we can't make unborn children legal "persons" because that may compromise the mother" is unjust.  That's like saying "we can't make blacks equal to whites because that may compromise whites". 

Keeping unborn children from being legally regarded as "persons" because it may negatively impact the mother is discrimination.  There is no other word for it.

I hope this essay helps clarify the pro-life position to those who just don't "get" us.  To summarize, we simply want all people to be respected equally.  We want the poor to be comfortable, we want the hungry to be fed, we want the naked to be clothed, we want pregnant women to have choices that everyone can live with, and we want unborn children to have a shot at life.

We may focus on abortion more than other issues but not because we don't care about other issues.  We see abortion as fundamentally different.

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