Friday, November 20, 2009

Can Relativists belong to causes?

If you haven’t read about what relativism is, please do so here.

Those who subscribe to the theory of moral relativism often find themselves attracted to various causes; saving whales, saving laboratory animals, saving the planet, etc. This seems illogical to me.

Why are you saving these things? Why do you care?

Some answers may be that testing animals is unjust, evil, or “bad”. This is a flat contradiction to moral relativism. Just because you think it’s evil to purposely give a ferret the flu doesn’t mean I think it is. Play fair, if there is no objective moral truth then why are you burning energy on moral causes?

Other answers may be “saving the planet is good for my children”. But cutting down the rainforest is good for the bush farmers who need to feed THEIR children TODAY. Your children won’t suffer from a broken planet for many years. How dare you push your desires over theirs?

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