Friday, November 6, 2009

Contraception Myth #08: Contraception sets women free

There are many people out there who feel that contraception is good for women because it “frees” or “liberates” them to do whatever they want to do. Women can control and shorten their menstruation. Women can have sex without the consequence of getting pregnant. In short, women are able, though the miracle of modern medicine, to be, well, men.

What? Women can be men through the use of contraception? Well, pretty much. Those who push contraception also seem to push an equality statement that goes something like this: “Anything men can do, women can do just as well. To prove it, we suggest women take these pills and you will be able to function like a man in all ways except standing while using the rest room.”

Now, before you form a lynch mob to take me to task for speaking against female equality, let me assure you that I am an ardent protector of the equality, uniqueness, beauty, and dignity of woman.

Women are equal to men, but men and women are different. This is the teaching of the Catholic Church; that men and women are different but equal. How can this be?

Beyond the obvious anatomy differences, men and women were made for different purposes that are both necessary. Men were made to give the gift of themselves. Women were made to receive that gift and, through receiving, give back. Men were made to give the gift of life while women were made to receive that gift and hold onto that gift while it grows and develops.

Humans need water to live, so is it best for everything to be water? Then we would starve or suffocate. Seeing is important, is it good for my whole body to be made of eyes? How would I walk, talk, or eat? We are many parts, but all one body. It’s a common experience for different things to be equally important.

I’ll admit, men have made many abuses of women in the past, so the reaction that women should become men seems like a logical way to accomplish equality. The system only works when both men and women live out their calling to complete one another, not to compete with one another.

I would argue that contraception only heaps the chains on the very slavery women are fighting against. If men treated women as objects before, how much more so when those objects don’t pop out babies anymore? Contraception doesn’t free women; it imprisons them more than before.

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Timothy Olson said...

"Humans need water to live, so is it best for everything to be water? Then we would starve or suffocate."

Dead On.