Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Group of Anglicans Join Roman Catholic Church

The Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) decided to take Pope Benedict XVI’s offer and enter full communion with the Roman Catholic Church and has become the first group of Anglicans to use the new apostolic constitution to convert en masse. The apostolic constitution, which allows Anglicans to enter the Catholic Church while retaining their particular liturgical forms, is recognized as being created as a direct result of the TAC’s repeated requests for just such a tool.

I am personally very happy for all of the faithful within the TAC who have come home to the Church they left so long ago. I hope this is a message to any and all people that the Catholic Church’s arms are always wide open and ready to embrace any who wish to call her home.

Whether or not other Anglican groups choose to take the pope’s offer remains to be seen but it is heartening that those who requested it have followed through on their request and have used the pope’s generosity as designed.

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Anonymous said...

My dear Brothers and Sisters in the Anglican Communion,
I welcome you with open arms and help you pray for a smooth transition. I love the Anglican liturgical music and am glad you bring into the Church the treasure of your art.
Sr. Marita, OSB