Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Italian Mayors Stand Up to EU Court

Recently, a European Union (EU) court has ruled that the presence of the crucifix in Italian public schools is discriminatory and has required that they be removed. The case was brought by a person who appealed Italy’s decision to allow the crucifix to stay.

Naturally, may are worried about their nation’s ability to make sovereign decisions in the new European super state. Some countries, especially Poland where the suppression of religious symbols was the first step of the Communist takeover, are concerned that it is only a matter of time before similar rulings are leveled against them.

The crucifix, according to Italian officials, is less a symbol of a specific religion and more a symbol of self-giving, sacrifice, and the ideal of loving your neighbor as yourself. Regardless of religious background, these are ideals anyone can strive for.

Several mayors in Italy have ordered the schools in their cities to ensure each and every classroom have a crucifix visible; in direct defiance of the EU court order. Some of the mayors have gone so far as to levy a fine on those schools that do not conform.

Please pray for this situation. We will provide updates here as they develop.

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