Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fetuses can’t have human rights because of under-developed nervous system?

A new report justifying the ethics of abortion asserts that it’s morally acceptable to abort fetuses because their nervous system is under-developed. The report is succinctly titled “An ethically justified practical approach to offering, recommending, performing, and referring for induced abortion and feticide" was published in the September 2009 online issue of American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

The report states: "Because of the immaturity of the fetal central nervous system, the fetus lacks the capacity to generate a perspective on its interests," write the doctors. "The ethical principle of respect for autonomy and the concept of autonomy-based rights therefore do not apply to the fetus."

In other words, the fetus has no capacity to have a will to live and therefore has no right to live.

The report openly admits the purpose for such definitions is to prevent the “ethical analysis of induced abortion and feticide in medical ethics from being paralyzed by divisive debates about a fetal right to life”.

In other words, they’re saying a fetus has no right to life not because it’s medically or logically true but because it undercuts abortion opponent’s position. That sounds much more political than medical to me.

The report goes on to state that fetuses that are diagnosed with sever disabilities should be mandatorily terminated.

Christmas is only two days away. What a relief that Mary didn’t decide to abort Jesus instead of carrying him to term. After all, the God of the Universe’s central nervous system wasn’t developed to a point where he, the Incarnate Word of God, had the ability to desire to live and make autonomous decisions. Clearly, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior was, at the moment of his conception, just a lump of tissues.

During this Advent season and octave of Christmas, let’s remember that all of us were known by God before we were conceived and that HE wills us to live. That’s enough for each and every one of us to have a right to life!

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