Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is the Vatican’s Apostolic Visitation a Witch Hunt?

You may have heard that the Vatican has ordered an investigation into the orthodoxy of belief and quality of life of the United States religious sisters. The investigation has gone on for several months now and every so often I see an article come across about a nun who speaks out against it or encourages her fellow sisters to resist and provide as little information as possible.

I thought part of the process of becoming a sister was a vow of obedience?

In any event, the attitude is very defensive. It appears that some religious sisters here in America think the Vatican is picking on them, or to quote an article in the New Your Times, they are “going on a witch hunt”.

Well, I can see where they get that. No one likes someone looking over their shoulder. No one likes being called to account for their actions. However, as this article over at LifeSiteNews points out, the Vatican has every right to make sure that every organization claiming to be Roman Catholic is actually Roman Catholic in belief and practice.

Check out LifeSiteNews for an interesting perspective on this topic.

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