Friday, December 11, 2009

When Will Planned Parenthood Learn?

Obviously, not any time soon.

You would think that with Live Action’s recent undercover videos that Planned Parenthood would clean up their act a little bit. Perhaps they would change some policies to make sure they’re abiding by the laws of the state they operate in. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that every, single “patient” that walks in the door may have a hidden camera?

So far, Live Action has several instances caught on tape of Planned Parenthood counselors advising girls to lie about the age of their boyfriends so they “don’t get in trouble”. It appears they would rather cover up statutory rape than lose the profit of an abortion.

I would expect it to be a bit embarrassing for Planned Parenthood when one of their employees was caught on tape enthusiastically accepting a donation to abort “black babies” because “there’re too many of them”.

But no, it appears Planned Parenthood is perfectly happy disregarding laws, and decency, in an effort to get more abortions done. Recently, Live Action released a new video (below) in which Planned Parenthood employees tell the actress that “heart ‘tones’ begin at 7 weeks” while “heart ‘beats’ begin at 17 or 18 weeks”.

The actress tires hard to get the counselor to call her unborn baby a “baby” but she won’t do it. The counselor says it will become a “baby” when born. Later the doctor who will do the abortion says it becomes a “baby” at “six, seven months pregnant”. That’s an odd discrepancy.

The doctor goes on to tell her that having a baby now (10 weeks) is much safer than carrying it to term. “You know, women dies having babies”.

While it’s very annoying that the “counselor” would lie to young girls to convince them that their fetus is not a baby; it’s more than that… it’s illegal. Wisconsin (where the video was shot) has informed consent laws requiring that abortion seekers be provided accurate medical information.

Watch the video below and see what you think.

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Anonymous said...

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