Friday, January 29, 2010

CMR on the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad thing

Creative Minority Report has a snarky (technical term) little write up about how odd it is that so many people are upset by a pro-life ad starting Tim Tebow’s mom who likely will say (no one has seen the ad yet) “I chose life and so should you”. But no one is complaining that the halftime entertainment’s (The Who) guitarist Pete Townsend used a credit card to access child pornography sites in 2003.

So… it’s worth hollering about if a mom decides to brag about how awesome her son is and how happy she is that she declined doctor’s advice to abort him but it’s fine that a member of the halftime entertainment paid money for child pornography?

As CMR points out; you can almost hear the crowd shouting “we want Barabbas; not this one!”

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