Thursday, January 7, 2010

Conscience First!

Fr. Chad Gion, a local priest (to me, anyway), has launched a new website related to the Healthcare legislation that is now being reconciled in Congress. The website is essentially an online petition… though not for the faint of heart!

Those who sign the dotted (electronic) line are committing to refrain from paying income tax, and docility accept the consequences, should the current healthcare legislation pass into law.

From the website:

This website has been organized and is supported by Fr. Chad Gion, Laura and Will Gardner and Julie and Mike Liffrig all of Mandan, North Dakota, along with Duane and Doris Liffrig of Bismarck. We profoundly respect the right of every human being to exercise an informed conscience. Like the miracle of life itself, the human conscience is a precious gift from God. It must be respected. We stand in complete solidarity with those whose conscience is threatened by government coercion.

We have no partisan agenda or affiliation. We wish to offend nobody, but care not if the defense of conscience offends those who aim to violate us. We will not be intimidated. Nor will we sit idly by while force and threats of force are used to single out and then crush members of our Body whose only "crime" is to honor the quiet Voice of our holy God. We seek no public recognition, but are prepared to joyfully accept the public consequences of putting the dictates of Conscience First.

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Jess said...

"Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's."

When this was spoken, I imagine that Ceasar and Rome were far worse than the current state of our country. Are they going too far? I don't know, but I would definitely pray and use caution before claiming I was right to stop paying my lawful taxes.