Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Updated: Planned Parenthood director complains of lack of NFP information?

This post has been updated to reflect information presented to me by Laura Wershler; who is quoted within the post. Ms. Wershler's entire comment may be viewed in the comments section.

What a great story this is!

The director of Sexual Health Access Alberta (SHAA), formerly Planned Parenthood Alberta, Laura Wershler, is unhappy that the medical community refuses to publish or provide information on methods of birth control other than artificial contraception. It's great to see a call from within the medical community for more information on fertility and NFP as opposed to "just take this pill".

For more information, as well as a great list of links pointing to studies showing the negative effects of the pill, check out LifeSiteNews. Also, make sure to check out Laura Wershler's additional information in the commet section below.

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Laura Wershler said...

I’d like to note a friendly clarification to your post. Sexual Health Access Alberta (SHAA), formerly Planned Parenthood Alberta, does not provide clinical services. SHAA facilitates access to accurate, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information, education and services through our programs and activities. Fulfilling this mandate includes a commitment to ensure that women have access to accurate, comprehensive information about all birth control alternatives, including natural methods. I have been a proponent of (secular) fertility awareness for 30 years and have advocated for access to information and services for women to learn fertility awareness based methods of birth control throughout my long association with Planned Parenthood affiliated organizations. With the emerging trend of young women looking for alternatives to hormonal contraception, I see amongst my colleagues a burgeoning interest in providing information and services to help women effectively and confidently use non-hormonal methods of birth control. These include the IUD, cervical barriers and fertility awareness methods.