Thursday, January 28, 2010

“The View”: Tim Tebow could've been a rapist pedophile

You may have heard that Tim Tebow, a (understatement alert) pretty decent college football player who is relatively well known has made some strong pro-family and pro-life statements in the past. He silenced reporters by telling them at a press conference that “yes I am” saving myself for marriage, for example.

He has a pretty amazing story considering his mother was advised by a doctor to abort him. Obviously she declined and now the boy her doctor wanted to abort is a Heisman Trophy winner. That doesn't give him any more dignity or right to live than anyone else; but it certainly makes for a great story.

He, along with Focus on the Family, have gotten an advertisement approved by CBS for the Super bowl. No one knows exactly what the ad is but it's probably a safe bet it's going to have some pro-life tones to it.

That's enough to annoy a lot of people and he's been smeared, defamed, and dehumanized by many people, TV shows, and organizations who haven't even seen the ad!

Consider this comment by Joy Behar on “The View”. She points out that while it's true this particular person who could have been aborted wound up doing great things “he could just as easily become some kind of a rapist pedophile. I mean, you don’t know what someone’s going to be,”.

Joy, the point is not that each aborted baby could grow up to be a great athlete (though imagine all the potential we're literally throwing away). The point is that Tebow, along with all children that could have been, or were, aborted had a future. Some would be great, some terrible, and most probably mediocre but they had a future and it was theirs!

The point is that abortion doesn't just destroy a lump of tissue; it robs a human being of their future. That is undeniable.

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