Monday, February 22, 2010

Forgetting the sacrifice

Lent can be a great analogy for life. As Christians we are called to live as Christ did and to love ourselves and our neighbor as ourself. It sounds so easy and simple but anyone who has tried it can testify that it is not. However, we're called to keep at it and when we fail we need to get back up and try again.

A few years ago a cousin of mine who was a young teenager at the tome gave up soda for Lent. It was about this time in the journey (a week or so in) that my wife saw her at a sports event with a Diet Coke (or something like that) in her hand. My wife reminded her of her Lenten sacrifice and the young teen said something to the effect of “oh well, I messed up so I may as well give up. Better luck next year”.

I can't help but notice the same attitude in my life. Oh well, I fell into this or that sin; I already offended God; what's the point in stopping now?

Lent is a great time to remember that each and every time we fail it's an opportunity to rise again with Christ and start again.

Keep at it, everyone!

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