Friday, February 5, 2010

NFP iPhone App!

Well, I had no desire for an iPhone… but I’m not so sure anymore. Granted; a temperature-only method is a tad less accurate than combining with other measurements (can you say “mucus” on a blog? Too late, I guess) but still, this is very, very neat.

Reflections of a Paralytic has a post today about an iPhone app that a couple in the UK used to achieve pregnancy. They had been trying for four years and were seriously considering IVF. After two months of recording temperature using this app; and taking appropriate action when the app indicated fertility, the couple ended up pregnant.

Read the story here.

A simple search reveals there are other fertility calculators for other mobile devices; however I haven't found a free one. I dont' want to appear to promote any particular brand so I won't link to any here; but not having an iPhone doesn't prevent a person from using this type of software.


A-Train said...
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A-Train said...

I'm an Android guy myself and the Android Market has a few fertility tracking apps. The top rated one (also free) is called "My Days - Period & Ovulation". It also tracks BMT and adds the less-NFP-worthy item of "took pill". It also comes with a widget (meaning, small app that runs on the home screen) that will show a countdown to ovulation or period so one doesn't have to go into the program completely.
The Pro version ($4.90) will notify the user of upcoming ovulation and period just like a calendar event or alarm.
More info is on it here:

Anonymous said...

What does BMT, in sense of the MyDays Calendar, mean ? I can't figure it out . Google and Urban Dictionary are both telling me "Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest" or "Bone Marrow Transplant," but I couldn't imagine why it would be either of those . I would really appreciate knowing what it means if anybody knows . Thanks (:

Anonymous said...

BMT = Basal Metabolic Temperature:

Anonymous said...

There is one NFP app called lady cycle for android ( But it only works if you combine temperature and mucus.