Friday, February 19, 2010

Roman Catholicism in America is… growing???

You wouldn’t guess this from the front-page articles.

It’s no secret that America (and the worlds) largest religion is Roman Catholicism. In America we number 68 million. The sad fact is many Catholics leave the faith; if fallen away Catholicism was a denomination it would be the second largest in the country.

However, an annual report shows that only three Christian churches have grown this last year, Mormons, Assemblies of God, and… Roman Catholicism.

While many mainline Protestant denominations didn’t report numbers; the ones that did showed a decline in numbers. An interesting trend is the more traditional seemed to see the largest growth (or smallest decline) while the more liberal saw the largest declines.

What a wonderful way to start Lent; the traditional period of preparation for new catechumens entering the Catholic Church!

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RAnn said...

I wonder if that count counted "non-denominational" as a denomination? It seems to me that most of the new, big churches you see are independent non-denominational, or are members of new loose denominations rather than the old familiar Methodist, Lutheran, Presyb.etc.

Dan said...

You know, I'm not sure. That's a very good question.