Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Study finds abstinence-only education works

As a speaker on chastity and abstinence this is very encouraging news As a father of two daughters this is great information to have.

LifeSiteNews is reporting on a study that compared abstinence-only, condom promoting, and mixed-method forms of sex education to each other and a control group that received no such education. From LifeSiteNews:

The researchers found that the probability of ever having sexual intercourse by the 24-month follow-up was 33.5 percent in the abstinence-only program and 48.5 percent in the control group attending health promotion courses. Rates in the safer sex and comprehensive programs did not differ significantly from the control group.

In addition, fewer students in the abstinence-only group (20.6 percent) vs. those in the control group (29 percent) reported having sex in the previous three months during the follow-up period. The abstinence-only intervention did not appear to affect rates of condom use. The eight-hour and 12-hour comprehensive programs appeared to be associated with reduced reports of having multiple partners when compared with the control group.

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