Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Month’s CD: Seven Deadly Sins Seven Lively Virtues by Fr. Robert Barron

I got my Lighthouse Catholic Media CD a few days ago and just finished listening to it. It’s awesome, especially with Lent around the corner!

It may not have the most catchy title, how exciting can the Seven Deadly Sins be, but Fr. Barron takes a very interesting look at them, how they manifest themselves in our lives and how we can overcome them. It’s an excellent study of what sin is and how we deal with it in everyday life; with some off-the-cuff humor as well.

Fr. Barron follows part of Dante’s “Divine Comedy” and leads us up Mt. Purgatory, stopping at every level to discuss the deadly sin being punished there. This talk is packed with information that’s delivered in logical and easy-to-understand pieces. I highly recommend it.

If you’d like more information on this CD, the Lighthouse Catholic Media CD of the Month Club, or anything else having to do with Lighthouse Catholic Media, please use the link below to head over to their site. If you do opt to sign up for the CD of the Month Club; or make other purchases, please consider supporting TaDa Ministries by using or promo code of 66963.


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Tara said...

This CD Rocks!!! Loved every minute of it!!!