Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Colorado school thing (Part II)

Many Catholic bloggers who comment on this situation (that I wrote about here) paint the lesbian parents as instigators, troublemakers, and that they’re using their children as a tool to embarrass the Church. They claim the parents insisted the school stop teaching that their homosexual relationship is immoral and that the school treat them as a couple who are consistent with Catholic teaching. In other words, the parents were making impossible demands. Why else would lesbian parents want their kids in a Catholic school?

Perhaps that’s the case; but it seems unlikely.

Seems to me the much more likely situation is the public schools in the area aren’t of the same caliber as the Catholic school. That wouldn’t be a shock. Maybe, just maybe, these lesbian parents want a quality education for their children and they think the Catholic school is the best on the market. Maybe instead of using their children as pawns to forward their ideology, these parents are honestly trying to do what’s best for them.

Is that so hard to believe?

But let’s assume that’s not the case. Let’s assume these parents are hard-core homosexual activists who are overtly attempting to dismantle the Church’s objection to the homosexual lifestyle and will use every possible tool, even their children, to further their end. If so, so what? What difference does that make?

Imagine a married, heterosexual couple marches into the lobby of a Catholic school and 1) tells the school they use the birth control pill 2) they are proud of this fact 3) they want their kid to be proud of this fact and 4) they insist the school teach absolutely nothing that would make their lifestyle choice seem immoral.

Would it make more sense to say?

“Well, Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, you may enroll your child here but we will not allow you to promote your lifestyle on school grounds and we will not change our curriculum as you require. If you cannot accept this, there are public school options for little Johnny. If you want little Johnny to be educated here, you must acknowledge that you accept that we will teach only authentic Catholic teaching. These are the only options; it’s your choice.”


“Well Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, it’s clear we have no common ground. Little Johnny cannot go to school here”.

Which response has a better chance of leading the child and the parents to Christ’s love? Which response makes the Church appear open and accepting and which makes us look aloof and marginalizing? Which gives occasion for protests across the street? Which looks like Christ (if you want to follow me, pick up your cross) and which does not (you can’t follow me because you haven’t picked up your cross)?

If the parents were just looking for a fight; why did we give it to them? If the parents were just looking for a quality education; why did we deny it to them? If Christ wants all the children to come to him; why did we shoo them away?

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