Thursday, March 11, 2010

PP: Abortion used to kill a baby!

Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion providing network in America (and the world?) will tell you today that abortion doesn’t kill a baby. The “thing” inside a pregnant woman isn’t a baby until the heart beats… or maybe until it’s viable (can survive outside the womb)… or um… maybe when the nervous system is developed enough to feel pain or something? Anyway, the thing they abort today certainly is not a baby.

But it used to be back in 1952.

Live Action (the folks who have made undercover videos of PP folks lying to teenagers, not reporting statutory rape, etc) have found a 1952 memo from Planned Parenthood that discusses contraception. In one section of Q&A the question is asked if contraception is abortion. Check it out:

Wow, too bad it used to be dangerous and could have made you sterile but today it's perfectly safe.

Oh, and PP didn't do many abortions back then; they sold contraceptives mainly.  Today their main income comes from abortion.  I wonder why they don't circulate this pamphlet anymore?

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