Monday, March 1, 2010

Why does God love us?

Here's a snippet from the excellent homely I heard yesterday. May this put to bed those notions that Catholics believe we can work our way to heaven.

I was talking to God yesterday and he told me he loved me.

“I know you love me, God,” I said, “it's because I'm so cute, isn't it?”
“No, actually you're not,” God said.
“It's because I work so hard, that's why you love me, right, God?” I asked.
“No you don't.” was the reply.
“I know, it's because I'm so holy.” I stated.
“No, you're not.” God said.

It began to dawn on me that God loves me because he chooses to love me and who I am or what I do has no bearing on this love. That is the unconditional love of God and that is what all of us are called to imitate.

Have a great third week of Lent. Get out there and love without expecting anything in return.

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