Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Choosing Thomas

This is long but worth a watch. The following video is a documentary-style account of a family's decision to “keep” their son who was diagnosed with trisomy. Their message of unconditional love shown by these parents is worth celebrating.


Mark said...

My sister had a son diagnosed with trisomy (Trisomy 18 to be exact). He only lived a few hours, but the short time with him is treasured dearly by her and her husband. We celebrate his birthday every year. Having experienced a situation like this up close and personal within my family makes me appreciate life, no matter how frail or fragile (and especially the frail and fragile) even more. Thank for posting this video - it holds great meaning to those who have gone through a similar situation. There are more out there than many people - especially those currently going through a situation like that - realize.

Oh yeah, my nephew's name was John Paul. And, God willing, he is united with his namesake.

Dan said...

Thank you for sharing your story, Mark. It's so easy to feel alone or that "rare" conditions only happen to you.

I have no doubt that you will all be with John Paul in peace and happiness one day.

God bless you, your sister, and your family.

Grammy B said...

What a beautiful story. Those parents really came to understand that even the deepest pain can be survived and even treasured; at times like this, the opposite of pain is emptiness. Over and over they said how beautiful he was -- their baby; their son, forever.
Thank you, Dan.