Monday, April 5, 2010

Is it really about “the children”?

In no way does this excuse sexual abuse by clergy.

However, a 2004 study showing that sexual misconduct is one hundred times more prevalent among public school teachers than among Catholic priests does raise the question of why so much attention is paid to the abuse of Catholic priests while public school teachers pretty much get a free pass in the media.

LifeSiteNews has a summary and links to the study here.

As we said last week, Christians, and particularly Catholics, are held to a higher standard which requires vigilance on our part but doesn't it seem odd that those who are worried about “the children” make such a stink about a tiny segment of abusers and ignore the rest? Are they really interested in helping children or is there some other reason so much attention is paid to the the abuse of Catholic priests?

I wonder what that reason could be...

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