Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Since the healthcare bill passed a number of states have considered or passed legislation restricting abortion. I'm not sur exactly how effective this will be in the long run, considering how easily state legislation gets trumpted by federal law, but at the very least these victories, no matter how small, are encouraging signs of the increasing pro-life attitude in America today. Most news organizations will deny it but the pro-life movement is alive and well; the number of states taking measures to restrict abortion is a strong sign of that.

My own state of North Dakota began a petition drive to get a law--which will make abortion via decapitation/crushing the fetus' head illegal--on the 2010 or 2010 ballot. Apart from the obvious (to me) barbarity of the practice, the proponents of the petition claim that decapitation and crushing the head cause health risks to the mother in that skull fragments can be left behind and cause serious complications later. To find out more about the petition, check out LifeSiteNews or their own website.

Oklahoma passed two pieces of legislation recently even after a governor veto. The first requires that women be provided an ultrasound within an hour of the abortion procedure (and that it actually be described in detail). This is a big victory; many women seeking abortion simply don't realize their “lump of tissue” is really a baby. This is a great way to help them make a decision based on facts.

The second Oklahoma measure is a prohibition against “wrongful life” lawsuits. If the child is born with a disability it is becoming increasingly common for parents to sue their doctor claiming that had the parents known about the disability they would have chosen abortion. Both measures were vetoed by Oklahoma's governor last Friday and both easily cleared the House and Senate on Monday and Tuesday of this week. More information is available at LifeSiteNews.

These certainly aren't going to end abortion overnight but they are certainly encouraging and depict momentum in the right direction. Please consider getting involved in whatever way you can (ND residents may print and sign the anti-decapitation petition here).

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