Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are often in the crosshairs of abortion advocates. Claims are made that CPCs don’t give all the information and/or don’t offer women in need all the choices (like abortion). Several lawsuits have been filed by folks like the ACLU to either tie the hands of—or shut down completely—CPCs around the country.

This week many moms who considered abortion but found help from other sources and successfully brought their children into this world are taking their children to Congress to explain the help provided to them by CPCs. Many moms resonate that they simply didn’t know their “fetus” was a “baby” until visiting the center. They were often told it “wasn’t alive” or it was “just a lump of tissue” or “a part of their body” and not another living person.

The whole thing is being put forward by Heartbeat International; a Christ-centered group that offers support and information to struggling families and families-to-be. They estimate that 2,000 moms opt out of aborting their children upon learning of the services and support they can get (for free) from Heartbeat International.

Because of the neatness of the above story I encourage you to check them out and spread the word!

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